Warranty & Indemnity Insurance

Servicing deals in the Benelux, France & Germany




W&I insurance policies offer specific coverage for breaches of certain warranties and indemnities which are contained in a sale and purchase agreement. A W&I policy provides protection to buyers, sellers, and intermediaries engaged in a merger, acquisition or divestment process for losses suffered as a result of an unexpected breach of warranty or indemnity claim.

Transact is the first transaction-focused MGA based in Western Europe. Our dedicated offering and our team’s experience in this market, allows us to provide the most complete and comprehensive services for clients in the region.


Our goal is to help you get the deal done, fast. That’s why we’ve trained to be fast, thorough and deliver solutions with no execution risk.



  • Coverage limits of up to €40m / £40m or local currency equivalent

  • Transparent and predictable underwriting process. We only ask the important questions, and require underwriting calls on an exception basis.

  • Specialisation in deals with transaction documentation subject to the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, French or German laws.

  • Binding policy documentation in as little as three days from the date of instruction.

  • Insurable loss includes fees resulting from breach-of-warranty claims, defence costs for a third-party demand and litigation costs.

  • All our policies are backed by Standard & Poor’s A rated capital. In the event of a loss the counter-party risk is significantly limited.

  • We can agree broker and law firm policy templates to increase the efficiency of subsequent transactions




Benefits Of USING A W&I Insurance Policy

  • Improves the possibilities for buyers to recover legitimate losses as a consequence of a breach of warranty or indemnity; independently of the seller’s financial position at the time of the claim

  • Reduces residual seller liability to as little as €1. Protects sellers from further exposure to W&I claims following the sale completion

  • Reduces negotiating time between parties

  • Policy enhancements available which are not contained in the underlying transaction documentation. Including extended cover periods, increased cover, lower de minimis, affirmative cover of disclosed risks, synthetic warranties and/or tax indemnity

  • Enhances the protection of both parties if they decide to maintain an ongoing relationship where the seller remains involved in the company after the sale




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